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Hair Weave: Celebrity Hairstyles

Have you ever wondered if long, sexy, natural looking hair could enhance your appearance?  While a professional hair weave can be quite costly, this book will show you how to get the same looks as many celebrities – at a fraction of the cost!


Hair weaves have become a way to add versatility and style without damaging the natural hair with heat or chemicals.  The use of hair weaves and hair extensions by celebrities has catapulted the popularity of adding hair pieces to your own hair. 

The authors of this book have more than 20 years experience in perfecting hair enhancement techniques.  Whether you want to add length to your hairstyle or simply need more volume for a fuller look, we will show you step-by-step, how to get a  flawless, undetectable hairstyle.

To read real life success stories from actual users of The Ultimate Hair Weave Guide,
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You will learn:


    · The pros and cons of hair weave        

    · Why you should use human hair 
    · The entire process:  Step-by-Step Instructions

    · How to select the best hair for you

    · How to braid your own hair 
    · How to attach the hair 
    · How to make the hair look natural
    · How to make the hairstyle last 
    · How to maintain your own natural hair


Simple techniques you can do yourself!

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   OMG!  I’m so glad I did it!   I was spending at least $200 every time I stepped into the hair salon.  The key is to start small – take baby steps.  Don’t try to do a full head the first time.  Start with three rows in the back for length or maybe two rows in the front for long bangs just to get the hang of it.  Spend the $for the book, with all the photos and diagrams and instructions it’s well worth it.  Click here for more success stories.

Add Volume and Length Without Using Glue

This book will show you how to add volume and length to your natural hair for an event, a vacation or even for the summer -- without risking the damage bonding glue can cause.  Learn the tricks many celebrities use when changing their look for an event, photo shoot or movie role.  (read more)

My Story

I learned to weave hair more than  twenty years ago.  I worked part-time as a model and was scheduled to attend an upcoming event – my hair needed to be fierce!  I did not have money for a professional stylist so I decided to do it myself.  I headed to the beauty supply store where I spent less than $50 on supplies (including hair).  Over the next few hours I washed, conditioned, braided and attached the hair to my head.  My hairstyle for the event was simple – long, straight, elegant and most importantly undetectable.  I received tons of compliments that evening and everyone asked 'who did your hair?'  I knew then that I was on to something...

   I have been doing my own hair weave for some time now, but it was never “celebrity” quality. I sometimes had a few bumps and lumps to deal with. This book has elevated my skill to almost professional level. As a matter of fact, I earned $1500.00 last weekend by adding extensions for bangs and ponytails for my cousin’s wedding party. They were so impressed with how everyone’s hair was flat and tight. I may have a new side business now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Click here for more success stories.

How Much Money Can You Save?  How Much Can You Earn?

While individual results may vary, the following numbers will give you some idea of the costs:  I spend $50-$100 on supplies depending on the type and length of hair.  Next, I follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this book to attach the hair to my head.  My stylist cuts the hair into a gorgeous style that I can maintain for three to four months.  This process could easily cost $700-$800 at a popular hair salon in my area.
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I save at least $700 four times per year, that's $2,800 per year!  If you consider that I have done this for more than twenty years, well, you do the math.  I've saved lot's of money – I have also EARNED a lot of money by practicing these techiques on my family and friends.  You can too!


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To read real life success stories from actual users of The Ultimate Hair Weave Guide,
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